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Eardisland is located in North Herefordshire, four miles west of Leominster on B4529. The village is renowned for its traditional black & white buildings and its charming, picturesque setting on the banks of the river Arrow.

The oldest of these is Staick House, adjacent to the river, opposite the small green area ideal for picnics. The house was the dust cover picture for the 1963 ‘Shell Guide to Britain’.

The  earliest likely date of the building of a church at Eardisland is circa 950AD, although it must be stressed that there is no archaeological or documentary evidence of this. The current church has undergone considerable Victorian restoration but is still a delightful village church.

The river arrow moves slowly through Eardisland, making it a focal point for picnics and photographs. The historic dove cote, next to the mill stream, has been turned into a community run village shop. There is a tea room, two pubs and accommodation within the village.

A lovely spot on the river, Eardisland is one of the most picturesque of the black & white villages.