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Mentioned in the Domesday book, present day Dilwyn is the result of more than a 1000 years of settlement. Because of this, Dilwyn has many historic buildings and interesting features. The central village itself is designated a conservation area. However, Dilwyn civil parish includes much more than the central village. Within the 6400 acres of the parish are the hamlets of Sollers Dilwyn, Little Dilwyn, The Haven, Hill Top, The Hurst, Headland, Bearton, Bidney, Henwood, Stockmore and Stockingfield among others.

Dilwyn is an ideal stopping point on the black and white trail. Time spent by visitors looking at the church of St. Marys, examining the pretty local cottages, strolling on the green and perhaps visiting the pub, recently saved by the village as a community enterprise, and it’s garden will give a taste of the desirable quality of life enjoyed by this community.

Protected to the north by a forested hill and to the south by marshland and the river Arrow, Shobdon has developed from the Domesday village of Scepedune, (which was a safe overnight stop for drovers from Wales taking their flocks for sale in Leominster) along both sides of the mile of road two miles from Mortimer’s Cross.

Shobdon is a major centre for gliding and light aircraft. The airfield itself has developed into a leisure centre for flying, gliding, micro lighting and helicopter training.

The church is a unique combination of Rococo and Gothic, often called ‘strawberry hill Gothic’ and reflecting the links between the Batemans and Horrace Walpole.

It is the striking blue and white interior with it’s wealth of ornamental arches, lavish pulpit based on the Kent design for York Minster and the extensive Gothic detailing that makes Shobdon so unique among churches in Britain.

Every third year Shobdon church hosts a flower festival. This has been expanded into an annual food, drink and flower festival which is held on the last week end in June

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